“exudes originality in their performances” 

1-Christopher Groove - Animales De La Manana (Original Mix)
2-Kele Okereke - Get Up (Original Mix)
3-Lewie Day - Some Kinda Man (Original Mix)
4-Caio Stanccione - Keep Running Back (Original Mix)
5-Franc Spangler - Forever And A Day (Original Mix)
6-Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - The Message (Erick Decks Edit)
7-Re Dupre, Julio Torres - I Gotch’a (Original Mix)
8-Fabø - In The Box (Original Mix)
9-Human Parade - Static (Caio Stanccione Remix)
10-Paolo Rocco - People Say (Nic Fanciulli Remix)
11-Butch - Bless Us (Original Mix)
12-Caio Stanccine - I Dance U (Original Mix)
13-Jamie Trench - Velvet Curtains (Original Mix)
14-Abe Duque - What Happend (Caio Stanccione “DCDN” rmx)

DJ and Producer born in Sao Paulo, Pedro Valverde began his career in 2008 performing at festivals in São Paulo countryside. Stood in the following year by winning the first contest of AIMEC (Campinas). 

Fascinated by the culture of electronic music, Pedro Valverde exudes originality in their performances, bringing a stripped down and intelligent sound.  Has performed in Several major clubs in Brazil as D-edge, Anzu Club, Clash Club among others.  Recently launched on 2 labels renamed here in Brazil, MUR and Nin92wo


Exzellenz. Records

EXZ #1



With solid originals from Domyan and a stunning remix from the berlin based Soul Button, the first EP from exzellenz records is now available on the best digital music stores.

Support from: Richie Hawtin, Maya Jane Coles, Luciano, Wehbba, Aki Bergen and others. 

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Brazilian deep house label EXZELLENZ Records has found a home within the underground scene by showcasing a catalogue of passionate djs and producers that have carried purpose and heart within their music. This latest installment of underground magic sees the turn of Domyan with his enigmatic yet enticing EP ʻFollowʼ. The young Hungarian dj/producer has seen a number of releases on respected labels such as !K7 and Oversized Records and is eager to continue to show his talent. Title track ʻFollowʼ is veiled in mystery and underpinned by deep undertones that make this EP opener raw with emotion.

A haunting vocal sample is shuttled along by reverberating chords that gently cascade against each other. Teasing percussion and trembling hihats add to the suspense of this downtempo gem. Following up is an endearing melancholic track, ʻSunday to Sundayʼ. Tidy pad work gives this track flashes of old school progressive house, as it gradually transcends through the elements with ease. Rushing synth chords swirl and flirt with the groove before they are quickly tamed by the locked down beat. Berlin based Soul Button puts his twist on title track ʻFollowʼ with a devilish bass heavy remix. Maintaining that same level of mystery, Soul Button focuses on the groove and adds an extra dimension to make the suspense linger longer within the heart.

Julian Gallash

Portraits purposely disfigured in minuncious construction that blends the organic with the geometric and make reference to human imperfections and the methodical nature of reality.

Julian Gallasch was born in São Paulo and moved to Santa Catarina with 18 years. Started early in the streets when he discovered graffiti. Afterwards, came into contact with the graphic arts, would soon enter this most analog methodology in their work, creating a repetitive geometric and aesthetic, with many patterns and textures.

Currently divides his time experimenting design of surfaces, visual and graphic arts.You can make a custom design with the knowledge of various technics and a variety of surfaces.